Backpacks aren’t just for school kids anymore. Whether you’re  trekking across the forest or just traveling through the wilds of the city,  our wide selection of backpack keep you organized and ready for anything.  From trendy to sturdy and from the rugged to the contemporary,  you’ll  find the specific style with features that fit your life in a wide  array of colors and styles.

Below are the types of Backpacks in our portfolio:

Laptop Bags
Laptop backpacks are incredibly versatile bags, usually shaped like a conventional backpack but made of durable and protective material. From laptops and office gear to tools and supplies, backpack and messenger bags make it easy to carry whatever you need. Many possess special sleeves inside to house a laptop, often times including securing straps to make sure the laptop isn’t jostled during transit. Also, these types of backpacks are constructed for constant use and the long haul. Multiple pockets, pouches, and organizational areas provide a way to carry around everything essential for the college student, business professional, traveler, and so on. While prices may vary between brands and certain materials, investing in a laptop backpack provides a stylish, secure and professional way to carry a laptop around.

Duffle & Gym Bag
Duffels are long, rectangular pieces of luggage that provide generous storage capabilities for everything from shoes and socks, to jackets and sweaters. The large, main compartment, which opens wide via a u-shaped or center zipper, is ideal for rolling up and stacking clothing, to ensure it remains wrinkle-free. Some models have compression buckles, which aid in keeping contents secure. Exterior pockets offer quick, uncomplicated access to smaller items like keys and cell phone. Top and side grab handles come in handy for loading and unloading bags into a trunk or overhead compartment. An adjustable, padded shoulder strap offer hands-free carrying options, while some have wheels so a retractable handle makes moving heavy loads effortless. Heavy duty fabrics including polyester, canvas and nylon ensure durability. Gym bags provide a way to tote miscellaneous clothing, objects and equipment. Some bags are designed exclusively with bright and energetic color combinations.

Rucksacks are space efficient containers designed specifically to be carried on the backs of travelers in the outdoors. This type of backpack frees the arms and maximizes the utility of the legs. Rucksacks are typically made from tough weather resistant materials, such as nylon, with straps meant to secure the load around the shoulders and chest without compromising comfort. Relatively expensive versions will be larger, tougher and more compartmentalized than the inexpensive versions, making them suitable for long treks spanning days or weeks.

Back To School (School Backpacks)
School backpacks for students of all ages come in a variety of choices to match the unique style and personality of every student, as well as a diverse combination of features that match the study habits and class load of each student perfectly. There are pockets, compartments, and accessory holders. Besides the functional characteristics of school backpacks, we use outstanding quality and durable materials that compose fashionable backpacks of all shapes, colors and sizes. Most school backpacks are comfortable and lightweight even when filled.